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Testimonials of Holistic Health Lover

Heart notes from my clients:

“For several years I was taking numerous prescription drugs for my asthma, digestive problems and acne. Meeting Sholeh changed everything!
She made me realize that food and lifestyle had a lot to do with my chronic diseases. Thanks to her coaching and support, I now connect with my body in ways I never knew how to.
It has been two years since I have used an inhaler and took any medications. I feel rejuvenated and full of energy. Sholeh’s passion to helping others is simply amazing and I am truly grateful to her!”

Inas Warren- Miami, FL

“Approaching menopause is something that no women look forward to!
Sholeh’s recommendation to integrate new whole foods and micronutrients into my diet, along with her easy recipes and relaxation techniques continue to enhance my health and wellness. She is a great listener who cares deeply about my well-being. I recommend her to all my friends and family.”

Nathalie Flautat- Aventura, FL

“Sholeh educated us about the importance of good Nutrition, sleep, managing stress, and drinking water in order to take care of not only our skin, but our entire body. She is beautiful, inside and out, and gave my daughter back her confidence. She is amazing!”

Dr. Jodi Stern- Aventura, FL

“Sholeh is genuinely concerned with helping and empowering every individual she meets. She is a living, breathing example of everything that she speaks to and writes about. Listening and following her advice has changed the entire momentum of my life… I am forever grateful to her.”

Lindsey S. Woodruff – Hollywood, FL

“Sholeh has thought me many important lessons in health and self-care. Her understanding of the inter-connectedness of body, mind and spirit is remarkable. Her book: “Beauty from within”
is a testament to her philosophy and her spiritual approach to all life. She is a caring individual with lots of great common sense. It is my honor to call her my trusted friend!”

Margarita V. Segall- Hallandale Beach, FL

“From the very first meeting, Sholeh’s true intentions were to help me achieve my skin health. I’ve learned that my diet had a lot to do with my skin problems.
I wondered why I never heard that from any of the doctors I had seen in the past. Following her food and lifestyle recommendations has kept my skin healthy and I have never been happier!”

Elena Uchuya- Miami, FL

“I had been dealing with skin health issues since high school and after going through numerous unsuccessful treatments, I had almost given up hope and accepted the fact that I would always have acne. When I met Sholeh, she enlightened me about how much of an effect diet and lifestyle can have on your skin. At first I was reluctant, but once I noticed improvement to my skin, I became fully dedicated to her philosophy. Sholeh helped me not only to have 100% clear and healthy skin, but she has given me a boost in self-confidence. I highly recommend her. She is genuine and her philosophy works!”

Chris Uchuya- Pennsylvania

“Sholeh has helped my daughters get a good start to their teenage years. She taught them about proper nutrition and foods that are good not only for their skin, but for their entire body.
She is a warm, loving and caring individual, who has come to feel like family over the years. If you want the best care and treatment, you should visit her.”

Beth Kleinman- Aventura, FL

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