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Sholeh Atash - Holistic Health Lover

“My mission is to kindle a light to illuminate the inner beauty of women, inspiring the balance of their health and well-being.”

~ Sholeh Atash

When I remember my childhood in Iran, this is one memory that endures: How magnificent our garden was with dozens of fruit trees, vegetables and herbs!

In the summertime I spent all day in the garden gathering fruit from trees and playing doctor. I enjoyed memorizing the pharmaceutical pamphlets that I collected from my beloved father, who is a medical doctor and my sweet grandfather who was a pharmacist. I wanted to heal people and I was convinced that the cure for chronic illness was in a magic pill!

My belief changed quite a bit over two decades ago when I embarked on a journey of expanded awareness, seeking answers to my life’s purpose and well- being. Not long after I moved to Florida, I came to realize the undeniable links that existed between my physical body, emotion and spirit and I discovered that chronic illness is a food borne disease.

We often pride ourselves on mastering the latest information systems and technologies yet we know little about our internal management systems: our instincts, wisdom, visionary, balance, and the inner technologies that bring these under our command.

In our modern society fast foods along with chemically doused food supplies, is known to be major contributor to cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes. The choices we make for our lives have far reaching consequences and it affects not only ourselves, but the people in our lives. We need to be conscientious of not only the quality of food we choose to eat but also, healthy relationships, a fulfilling career, regular physical activity and a spiritual awareness are all essential forms of primary nourishment that creates a balanced lifestyle.

As your Holistic Health Counselor, I will empower you by providing you with the right tools you need, to develop the skill to live physically, emotionally and spiritually in balance, creating sustainable habits for a lifetime of health and wellness.

Take the first step to rejuvenating your physical and spiritual health in an inspiring environment, and live joyfully with abundance of energy, the way God intended for you.

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